Sunday, August 15, 2004

"Love and mercy, just you and your friends tonight."

I got to thinking, after seeing Ryan and Jen, about stuff, which lead to my thinking about other stuff of a similar ilk of which I'd been thinking earlier. (How's that for an opening sentence?) While I am fiercely missing the friends who've moved away or been away the whole time, I'm also not content to sit idly by and hope that we managed to keep in touch.

Along those same lines, I'd been looking at the community blog feature that Blogger offers. A lot of writers I know, who miss seeing and talking with each other when we're off doing our things, would actually blog if there were other people involved. Ryan and I were talking about the blog the folks in the house had once upon a time and it seems like an ideal thing to start up.

I think I'll go do that now.



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