Saturday, August 21, 2004

Strangers in the night...

...shouldn't make such noisome whoopee in the room above me when I'm trying to write about desexualized sex acts at Girl Scout camp. It ruins the ambiance. And before you get freaked out, I'm writing another play, not confessing to something that many people assumed happened on a warm summer night so many years ago.

It's for a play.

I mean it.

What are you looking at?

You can't judge me!


Yes, well, in any case, my upstairs roommates, still unknown to me, should somehow be told that their spring squeaking and dirty little nothing grunting carries through the floor. I find that fact odd, as their TV and apparently my music don't travel between floors. Maybe the sine waves in sexy sounds are at such a level that they naturally penetrate any surface within a certain distance. There's research to be done! Though it's unlikely that it will be funded by any US companies. According to Jamie, American scientific organizations are more squeamish about sexual research than European ones. Poor bonobos.


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